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Band:   Desert Planet | CD (2008) MP3  Myspace Real Media Stream
Release:   Moonrocks MP3   Real Media Stream
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- Moonrocks

„Moonrocks“ is finally the album that that has got everything to earn those guys from Rovaniemi in northern Finland their long deserved bigger success. On their new 9pm Records release they manage in a both sensitive and clever way to expand their chiptunes-horizon with new and more accessible aspects. Amidst the happy gameconsole-esthetics one can suddenly find on one hand sinister-technoid beat-attacks on the other hand there is a lot more aspects of danceable, electronic pop-music. Though they still celebrate their 8-Bit roots there is nowadays a remarkable complexity in their compositions. This is not anymore just a cheerful pixel-paradise, there is new depth in their tunes.
Though experimenting more with song-structures they still manage to stick to their so typical and unique sound that earned them over the years such a huge following in the micromusic/chiptunes-community.
„Moonrocks“ is a perfectly balanced album between their 8-bit genre-roots and instrumental electro-industrial pop. An awesome album with a terrific final track: a coverversion of Vangelis „Bladerunner“-Theme.

Jukka Tarkiainen (sounds)
Jari Mikkola (sounds)
Antti Hovila (visuals)

Asteroid Hopper, CD-Album, Desert Planet, 2001
Dune Buggy, CD-Single, ODOR Records, 2002
Joystick Pop, CD-Album, ODOR Records, 2003
Turbo Tellytunes, CD-Album, Desert Planet, 2004
Mario Built My Hot Rod, CD-Album, 2005
Aska Osaka Virtual Highway, USB-Stick, 2007

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