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Band:   Geoff Berner (Kanada) | CD MP3  Artists website Real Media Stream
Release:   We Shall Not Flag Or Fail, We Shall Go On To... MP3  myspace Real Media Stream
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- We Shall Not Flag Or Fail, We Shall Go On To the End

After his last album on 9pm Records which earned rave reviews all over the place, a extensive two months European tour last fall we're happy to announce another, very special review of Mr. Berner. For whatever reasons Geoff Berner's first album and his debut ep were pretty hard if not impossible to find in Germany. You could have been lucky at his gigs but even there they have been sold out lately. Now they're back again. As a very special edition on 9pm Records! The whole „We Shall Not Flag Or Fail...“-album plus as bonus the complete „Light Enough To Travel“ ep on top! It's simply a miracle how this guy from Vancouver/Canada manages to tell in his songs both truly touching stories as well as sharp political statements. Not to surprising that these songwriting-skills draw some bigger attention. Quite a huge number of singer/songwriters from (mainly) Canada recorded coverversions of Berner's songs. Some of them with quite big success. Best known probably the Be Good Tanya's version of „Light Enough To Travel“. So watch out Europe: now you've got finally access to this masterpiece of brillant songwriting.
This is probably also the little difference to Geoff Berner's other releases. On „We Shall Not Flag Or Fail...“ the strong focus on Klezmer is not as present as it became on the following releases. But then again we'd say this is a gorgeous songwriter-album that has got everything to become a classic. No weak song on this one. Everything on it from provocative moments to simply heartbreaking songs. This album is as much punk as it is folk as it is klezmer. Possibly this makes the recipe of Berner's success: combining the genres with a fresh and dismissive attitude and thus brushing off the dust...
Comparable to the approach The Pogues had back then on Irish folk.


1. Volcano God
2. Clown & Bar
3. We All Gotta Be A Prostitute Sometimes
4. Maginot Line
5. In The Year 2020
6. Porn Queen Girlfrien
7. A Settling Of Accounts
8. Beautiful In My Eyes
9. The Way That Girl Drinks Beer
10. Iron Grey

Bonus: Light Enough To Travel EP

11. Light Enough To Travel
12. I.Y.M.
13. Public Relations
14. Suburben Family Of Spies
15. My Dad's A Lawyer
16. A Blimp Made Of Human Skin

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